A Load of CAK

It’s our first blog post! Pressure.

Kate’s interjections are in orange (‘Kate-comments’ 😏 I really feel unable to express myself without the use of emoji’s)

18 months ago, we moved into a classic ‘first flat out of uni’ kind of flat on the beautiful Docks of Liverpool. ‘We’ being us, Chloe, Amy and Kate, CAK, joined at the proverbial hip and mentally attuned to each other’s slightly (incredibly) dysfunctional minds.

Ever had the discussion with your friends about who is the weirdest? We decided we are all very weird, some of us are just better at hiding it. Kate, for example, cannot hide it. She raps to her boss (too cold too cold vanilla ice ice baby) and lunges for strangers (THAT WAS ONE TIME) (more stories to come). Chloe with her uncontrollable convulsions that force her to share her constant cringe worthy puns and me, well, I have so much stuff, it could fill the flat, and probably does.

The flat full of stuff is lovely, the high ceilings and huge lounge area coupled with the crippling mold in our, barely big enough for a double bed, box rooms makes it homely and a great reminder of the uni life. Also, when you put the washing machine on the whole building shakes so that’s a definite bonus.

We decided to write this blog when I got back from Australia a couple of weeks ago and after all of us saying for a while that we wanted to start one. So, we decided it’d be easier to do it together – moral support and all that. We are the three best friends that anyone could have!

I just read that blogs should be 600 words long. Oh, that’s good because I don’t know more than 600 words.

So this is us, blogging;

Plant-powered Kate, partially plant, partially meat powered Amy and pescatarian Chloe. Changing the world, one blog bite at a time. WELCOME!



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