Amy Gornall & Theatre (A G&T… get it)

I’m currently 22, living in Liverpool with my 2 pals, Kate and Chloe. I’m from Manchester. My family are brilliantly northern and amazing. Mike puts up with my random insanity and I love him for it. I’m a confident person who tries to understand quiet people, I am positive and I am confused by negativity, frustrated by laziness whether it’s my own or someone else’s and I have no idea where all this will take me in life.

But I am going to be writing about my life with theatre and how it motivates me in my career to keep learning and developing.
It has always been a big incentive for me to work hard, from moving schools after GCSE’s to a college where I could take Theatre and Performance A Levels to studying Drama the University of Birmingham and taking part in 27 shows in my amazing 3 years there.

Theatre is an industry that motivates a lot of people and it’s bloody difficult but bloody fantastic. Since leaving uni nearly 2 years ago, I’ve only been involved in 2 shows because, as it does for a lot of people, your life doesn’t turn out as you plan when you graduate, so I have been working as a PR Assistant at a recruitment company in Liverpool and I love it!

I never thought about taking this route before, PR is not an option in school but it’s a huge industry and very similar to theatre producing, which is what I think I’d like to do, in many ways. Having only been in ‘the real world’ for 2 years I’ve realised there is still so much to learn but so far, so good I reckon. Lots planned.

A G&T is for people who have an idea about what they want to do but don’t know how to do it. Or maybe they know the reasons behind why they want to work hard and succeed, whether that’s wanting to make their parents proud, motivating others or having a social conscience. It’s also for people who have a great idea but don’t know how to get it out there. It’s for people who have passion and ambition but don’t know where to channel it. Hopefully A G&T can help you figure it out.

I’ve always done a lot of things at once so I’ll also be writing a bit about how to organise and prioritise your life and time so you can progress in whatever you want to do whilst being happy and remain positive whilst doing it.

Top tips: Stay sane with family, friends and by being weird. And most importantly at the end of the week, have A G&T on me.


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