Being a Liverbird

For the past 5 years, Kate and Chloe have been ‘honorary scousers.’ And 2 years ago I joined them. We love it.

A Liverbird drawn by Kate
^ Isn’t she amazing. Wouldn’t you pay good money for that! ^

Part of our blog idea was to talk about Liverpool and what it’s like to live here as a ‘honorary’ scouser or a student or a #vegan or even a tourist! So here are a few tips:

How to be an honorary Liverbird:

  1. Talk to strangers as if you’ve known them for years. Scousers are just the friendliest people! 
  2. Always carry lipstick or gloss or something to spruce, for that extra glamaliousness. They get dressed up for Friday nights like it’s prom, it’s an effort to keep up with their efforts but they look fabulous.
  3. Scousers are lovely, be lovely too.
  4. Respect that they have a habit of being proud to be from Liverpool. And rightly so!
  5. I work closely with liverpudlians and evertonians – the rivalry is real but they unite over their hatred for Mancunians, which happens to be where Kate and I are from. A taxi driver even called me a foreigner once. So far, I find the best way to break into the circle of scouse trust is to a) fake it and employ a boss Scouse accent or if you’re Kate then pretend you’re from America and use fake names and so Amber and Cecil were born or b) explain how you in fact also prefer Liverpool because Manchester is so closed in and way too big, the docks are just irreplaceable and I can’t imagine living without them now… trust us, it works.
  6. One thing I love, which others find slightly blunt is that Scousers just say it like it is. There aren’t many levels of meaning. As Kate says ‘they’re very open.’
    Kate has a way of always finding the positive in things. Kate’s brain makes things beautiful. From drawings and baked goods to eye make-up (super useful) and then recently, I watched Kate subconsciously create something beautiful. I don’t know if she saw it as that, or if she saw it as tidying up (more likely) but either way she created something lovely. We had two bunches of slightly dying flowers (we’re grown up enough to have flowers in the house but not enough to keep them alive) and she combined them to create a large centre piece which was as simple and beautiful as she is. TANGENT. Back to the point –
  7. I think I must have gotten that from scouse influence! Ever seen the bombed out church? Destroyed in the war and then embraced by scouse culture. The hollow church is filled with wild flowers and a host to many music and alternative events. Scousers always make the most of what they’ve got.
  8. Shop and eat at Liverpool’s many independents! It’s a great way to experience the city, head to bold street for independent restaurants, cafés, book stores, fairtrade shops and clothes stores. Or go and watch a film at FACT, the independent cinema. 
  9. Embrace the dialect! Maybe you’ll even start to use it! Head out for a ‘bevvy’, but don’t forget ‘chewys’ to freshen your breath, make sure your ‘scousebrow’ is on point! You’ll have a ‘boss’ night, if it’s not too ‘chocka’ and you can put up with the ‘wools’. Go ‘ed laaaaa, you’re a prinny!
  10. To be Scouser, is to be open-minded, tolerant and kind. Liverpool gets a bad rep from incorrect stereotypes, I can’t understand why because it is fab! This city has taught me so much, I was made in Manchester but like a good cheese (vegan cheese) I have matured in Liverpool. I’ve learnt to challenge what you read, (I don’t know any other city to actually ban a Newspaper, YES Liverpool!) to speak up and fight for what you believe in, until you win. I take comfort in the legend that two stone birds sit atop the Royal Liver Building to watch over and protect the city. And lucky for me, I have two more Liverbirds to look after me waiting back at the flat.

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