Slutty Vegan Brownies

“But what can vegans eat?!”

Well just, you know, chocolate layered on top of brownie layered on top of biscuits layered on top of cookie dough. And that’s probably just for starters.
Guys, prepare to taste paradise in these Slutty Vegan Brownies!

I didn’t actually know what a slutty brownie was before I attempted to make them the other day, but as it turns out, it is basically just pouring a load of delicious brownie mix on top of cookie dough. What. The. CAK! Who invented this?! Thank you. I personally thank you.

Here’s the ingredients…

Cookie dough layer
150g plain flour
100g soft light brown sugar
125ml plant milk (i used almond)
60g vegan margarine (i used Vitalite)
1 tsp of vanilla extract
Chocolate  chips (I actually just smashed up some dairy free chocolate from Tescoland)
1 tsp baking powder

Middle layer
Oreo’s/ Speculous/ Party Rings/ any kind of vegan or non-vegan biscuit – we don’t discriminate here – that you like! I used white chocolate Oreo and double stuff Oreo. I’m just all about that double stuffed life.

Brownie layer
150g self raising flour
100g soft light brown sugar
125ml plant milk (almond again guys)
50ml vegetable oil (I used coconut because I’m just a nutty gal)
60g coco powder
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt


I presume that there is some kind of socially accepted cookie mixing method BUT, what I did was…
1. I greased a cake tin with Vitalite Vegan Butter.
2. I put all of the ingredients for the cookies into a big bowl (in no particular order) and I mixed and mushed it all together.
3. I put this cookie mix into the greased tin and spread it out so it filled the tin.
4. I then placed my biscuits on top of the cookie dough.
5. Then, using the same bowl as used for the cookie dough (less washing up- can I get a hell yeah- lazy and environmentally friendly), I mixed up all the ingredients for the brownies.
6. I poured the brownie mix over the top of the biscuits on the cookie dough.
7. I cooked it in a fan over at about 200°C for about 30 minutes. Depending on your oven etc. this time may be too long or too short so just keep an eye out!
8. Once I was happy with the cooked-ness I went ahead and melted some more chocolate on top.
9. Cut them into nice manageable brownie pieces.
9. Then, eat them all. 😊 Like every single one.

Batch number 1. Slutty Vegan Brownies!

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