The very hungry vegan in Liverpool

Since I like eating stuff, I’ve compiled a list of all the places I’ve eaten in Liverpool at since being vegan. So, if you are a fellow vegan and looking for somewhere to get top quality scran in our amazing city OR if you are just a fellow human looking to eat something DELICIOUS, take a look at the list! 😊

Hope Street, the wonderful road connecting Liverpool’s infamous Cathedrals and voted the “Best street in the UK” by The Academy of Urbanism in 2013, is home to a great selection of vegan eateries:
1. Host (Delicious Pan-Asian cuisine, with lots of vegan options on the main menu.)
2. Moose and Moonshine (The queen of avocado on toast! And 2 vegan options on the evening menu, one is a burger which sounds A-MA-ZING!)
3. The Quarter (Gorgeous restaurant, nothing explicitly listed as Vegan on the menu but they very kindly cater on request!)
4. Free State Kitchen (Situated just off Hope Street on Maryland Street. The wonderful garden burger can be veganised! Just ask 😊.)

Get down to Bold Street, looked over by the Bombed Out Church, this street is full of Independent Businesses including many vegan eateries, a fab socialist book store and vintage and charity shops galore:
5. Maray (Lots of yummy vegan Tapas!)
6. Mowgli (Bombay Chip Butty, you are the absolute love of my life. IT IS SO GOOD! Also, a vegan tiffin box consisting of 3 different curries and rice for only £12… you can’t argue with logic people!)
7. Crust (Pizza, pizza, pizzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! You can ask for vegan cheese on any of the pizzas, and all the bases are vegan-friendly. My Italian friends ensure me that it is the best authentic Italian pizza in Liverpool!)
8. Leaf (Vegan options for Breakfast, Lunch AND Tea.)
9. The Egg Café (SUCH an ADORABLE place to eat, I love it all! It is completely vegetarian and has tonnes of vegan options. Down a road just off Bold Street.)

Crust’s Vegan Rustica Pizza on Black Dough

… now realising just how much food I’ve eaten in Liverpool. What a fortunate life!

The following restaurants are in various locations across the city:
10. Meeting House Café
 (To be honest, all I had was a jacket potato with beans, but it was bloody delicious! They have lots more options and often have vegan cakes too.)
11. Lunya (Delicious tapas!)
12. Maguires Pizza Bar (Giant slices of pizza for around £2! Loads of vegan options, and always a very healthy amount of vegan cheese on top! And vegan cupcakes! YES PLEASE!)
13. The Bagelry (I need to visit again! I only popped in to get some cake after hearing that they have vegan cake options. I’m like one of those cats on that Dreamies cat treats adverts, when the cat-parent shakes the treat bag the cats come running through walls to get ‘em! So yeah, I’m like that but with vegan cake. They have vegan bagels and cakes and I heard about a chocolate orange bagel…)
14. Cow & Co Café (I ate a bagel from here (hummus filled) and had a lovely soy latte too!)
15. BrewDog (I just love you. I have no words. HAIL SEITAN!)
16. The Delkery, Dale Street Eatery (Bloody brilliant build-your-own beautiful breakfasts and bad-ass burgers.)
17. Moose Coffee (Moose and Moonshine’s partner restaurant for breakfasts, brunches and lunches, the Luela Pubella is the vegan avocado on toast!)
18. Ma Boyle’s (Various different vegan options including; burgers, blind scouse and curry! Make sure you speak to the bar staff about your dietary requirements because they are super helpful! Have a gander at the promotional black boards while you’re there… I drew them!)
19. Ma Egerton’s (Ma Boyle’s pizzalicious sister pub. The Vegan Pamela Anderson pizza is delicious, caramelised onions, butternut squash and vegan cheese!)
20. The Brunch Club (Big vegan breakfast!)
21. Nolita Cantina (Go get your Nacho cravings SORTED, they can be veganised on request.)
22. Bills (Just opposite the Hilton hotel, this is a lovely place to grab some grub!)
23. IZAKAYA (I am officially OBSESSED with this casual Japanese style restaurant! THE FOOD IS INCREDIBLE, the vegan options are extensive and they offer an array of ice-cream flavours for desert! Pistachio ice-cream!!)

Izakaya’s Vegan Sushi Rolls

24. Brasco Lounge (I love it in here. It is on the docks and they have burgers, curries, tapas and deserts.)
26. Zizzi (A chain Italian restaurant with a Vegan menu! Times are a-changin’ people!)
27. Pizza Express (Another vegan-friendly chain, I think there are 3 of these in Liverpool City Centre. Excessive? Nah! Get that pizza down ya!)

In the Lark Lane area:
28. Evil Eye Burrito (Big-ass vegan burritos.)
29. The Moon and Pea (I got a vegan  burger on request and it was fab!)
30. Milo Lounge (Part of the loungers chain which includes the aforementioned Brasco Lounge.)

Well, I think 30 restaurants is enough to be getting on with for now…


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