Amy Gornall & Theatre (A G&T… get it)

I’m currently 22, living in Liverpool with my 2 pals, Kate and Chloe. I’m from Manchester. My family are brilliantly northern and amazing. Mike puts up with my random insanity and I love him for it. I’m a confident person who tries to understand quiet people, I am positive and I am confused by negativity,... Continue Reading →

Being a Liverbird

For the past 5 years, Kate and Chloe have been ‘honorary scousers.’ And 2 years ago I joined them. We love it. ^ Isn't she amazing. Wouldn't you pay good money for that! ^ Part of our blog idea was to talk about Liverpool and what it’s like to live here as a ‘honorary’ scouser... Continue Reading →

A Load of CAK

It's our first blog post! Pressure. Kate’s interjections are in orange (‘Kate-comments’ 😏 I really feel unable to express myself without the use of emoji’s) 18 months ago, we moved into a classic 'first flat out of uni' kind of flat on the beautiful Docks of Liverpool. ‘We’ being us, Chloe, Amy and Kate, CAK, joined... Continue Reading →

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